Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Convert Workouts to Steps

How to Convert Workouts to Steps

The company I work for has a six week challenge where they reward employees for exercising, specifically walking.

How the program works.

The company send you a free pedometer that you keep on you during the day. The goal is to walk at least an average of 13000 steps a day. In order not to discourage anyone not capable of walking 13000 steps a day they broke it down into a tiered reward system.

If you walk and average of 6,000-9,999 steps per day you will receive $50.
If you walk and average of 10,000-12,999 steps per day you will receive $75.
If you walk and average of 13,000 steps per day you will receive $100.

After six weeks, based on your level of activity, you will receive your reward. Now this is based on the honor system and the only person you cheat is yourself.

The program does not start until June but I have already received my pedometer and have been wearing it. One thing that I've noticed it that I need to step up my game. I've only been averaging about 5,500 steps a day. At this rate I will not qualify for the basic payout. I realized that I need to step up my game. So today I dusted off my membership card and went to the gym. I rode the stationary bike for a half hour. I thought this should really increase my numbers.


When I check my pedometer when I entered the gym I was at 150 steps (it’s not very far from my bed to my truck). After cycling for 30 minutes I was only up to 315 step. The pedometer does not do a good job at tracking other activities other than walking. There are conversation charts available online that you can use to convert your activity to steps. Here is a link to one of many. Click here.

I'm taking a different approach.

I just ordered the Polar Loop Activity Tracker to help count my steps and track other activity.
  The Polar Loop Activity Tracker claims it can counts calories burned and monitor your sleep. Polar also states that it is waterproof and can be used to track swimming and cycling.

I was going to order the Nike+ Fuelband but decided otherwise when I saw that first, it is not compatible with Android devices, Apple only, (MAJOR flaw on their side) and that it was not waterproof. It is water resistant however.

I will post an update once I receive it and try it out for a while. Hopefully I will reach the max goal and the reward will pay for the cost of the Polar Loop.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Wandering Taíno

So if you're like me you are a displaced puertorriqueño. Born in New York to Puerto Rican parents I still love my island and my culture. However, since I joined the Army and traveled around I find it hard to buy the things that I was use to growing up. I miss my mom's pasteles, empanadas con carne,
alcapurria, arroz con pollo, you get the picture. I've been able to sometimes find some Goya products in the commissaries and Wal-mart but not always. I mostly buy them online.

I finally retired from the Army and now live in Charleston, South Carolina. Mecca for Puerto Ricans? Not. However, we are everywhere. After settling in I found out that my neighbor acroos the street is Puerto Rican as well as the neighbor down the street. Its still; not the same as New York or Miami but it will do for now.

One of the pluses about moving to South Carolina is that they don't require a front license plate. Now I can put my new Borinquen license plate on. That's a win for me. Wepa!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Protect your so called "vicious" dog and you

Most "vicious" dog owners know by now that the data used to label their dogs as "vicious" or "dangerous" was take from a twenty year study conducted by the CDC back in 1996. The CDC no longer tracks bites by breed because people often misidentify the breed of the dog. If someone was bitten by a dog it is often labeled as a pitbull or pit-bull type or mix. The reason why is because of ignorance and fear mongering by the media because that's what sells.

Either way I came across these ingenious collars, leashes or leads, and harnesses that protect you as a dog owner and your dog from idiots who think that your dog wants to play with their aggressive, hyper and nervous Chihuahua who has a Napoleon complex.

Please do yourself a favor and most importantly protect your dog with one of these.