Thursday, May 8, 2014

Protect your so called "vicious" dog and you

Most "vicious" dog owners know by now that the data used to label their dogs as "vicious" or "dangerous" was take from a twenty year study conducted by the CDC back in 1996. The CDC no longer tracks bites by breed because people often misidentify the breed of the dog. If someone was bitten by a dog it is often labeled as a pitbull or pit-bull type or mix. The reason why is because of ignorance and fear mongering by the media because that's what sells.

Either way I came across these ingenious collars, leashes or leads, and harnesses that protect you as a dog owner and your dog from idiots who think that your dog wants to play with their aggressive, hyper and nervous Chihuahua who has a Napoleon complex.

Please do yourself a favor and most importantly protect your dog with one of these.

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